A highly revered and sacred plant in India, also known as Holy Basil. Tulsi clears Kapha mucous from the lungs and the upper respiratory tract. It to reduces fevers and treats flu by encouraging the body to sweat which brings the temperature down.

 It is useful in asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory allergies.

” Clinical trials have proven that tulsi can increase vital lung capacity and reduce laboured breathing.” – Sebastian Pole

Tulsi has a pravab (a special unexplained action) meaning it can be used in all types of fever regardless of their cause.

Tulsi’s antiviral and  antiseptic qualities help with infections.

This herbal remedy also helps to kindle digestion with its warming qualities and can reduce blood sugar and total cholesterol levels.

Tulsi is a mild nervine and is used for heightening awareness and mental clarity, purifying the mind and relieving mental tension. It also increases circulation, Tulsi has a specific affinity to the heart and heart chakra and is said to provide lightness and spiritual clarity, inducing a sense of divine love.


High Pitta.

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