Nasya or oiling the nose is a direct pathway to the brain or as my teacher used to say,

“Nasya is the pathway to your inner pharmacy.”

Applying warm sesame oil to the nose is soothing and protecting the nasal passages and helps to relieve sinus congestion.

Medications that are administered through the nasal passage positively affect the mind, the brain, prana, and the nervous system.

Administer Nasya on an empty stomach Half an hour to one hour before or after drinking, a shower or exercise.


1. Lie down with the head tilted back.

2. Put 5 drops of Nasya into each nostril.

3. Sniff deeply, then remain lying for one minute and allow the nasya to penetrate.

4. Refrain from swallowing. Gently roll to the side and spit out any residue that slips to the back of the throat.

5. Gently Sit up.

General Nasya Indications:

Stiffness or pain in the head, neck or jaw.

Headaches or migraines

Sinus pain and congestion

Tooth ache, loose teeth, and receding gums

Hoarseness of voice

Twitching or drooping of the eyelids

Tingling sensations of the face

Obstruction of the throat

Uvilitis, Tonsillitis, Laryngitis, Pharyngitis

Speech Disorders and loss of speech

Bells Palsy



Pituitary or space occupying tumor


Depleted sexual energy

Any disorders above the clavicle.

General Nasya Contraindications – Do not perform Nasya if the following pertains to you.

Children under 7 years old. Old age over 80.



Just before or after a shower of bath

Ingestion or a full stomach


Hunger or hyper glycaemia

Thirst or dehydration



Physical exercise

Acute fever


Just having done purgation or basti

Same time as neti pot nasal cleansing.

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